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How stronger policy management and SEO led to better digital performance

The Need

  • Find a scalable solution to gain visibility of content
  • Rectify SEO issues
  • Minimize time spent on website fixes

The Process

  • Identified opportunities to boost SEO
  • Uncovered broken links and misspellings
  • Prioritized urgent fixes

The Results

  • 100% reduction in misspellings
  • 100% reduction in broken links
  • Improved SEO and policy management
  • 32

    unique policies created

The Full Story

As Australia’s largest super fund for the building, construction, and allied industries, Cbus Super wanted members and employers to get the best possible online experience with the most current and accurate information. Until recently, Cbus Super’s small web team consisted of two people with varied roles, so focusing on efficiency was key.

The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform automatically checks 266 pages across their three websites and reports on errors every five days, ensuring nothing is missed.

“The platform is not only great for checking links and spelling, it’s helpful for identifying and rectifying SEO issues such as missing metadata, missing alt tags, and missing H1 tags. With so many tasks to manage, Siteimprove saves us time on finding those things, so all we need to do is just go in and quickly make the fixes,” says Cbus Super’s Digital Product and UX Specialist, Jules Jamison. “It’s very helpful.”

Cbus Super recently finished a major redevelopment project: They re-platformed their website, underwent a complete redesign and information architecture, and uploaded brand new content. “The Content Inventory assisted with the project, identifying all existing pages on the old website, which provided a baseline of where current content lived, giving us a great starting point.”

Siteimprove’s Policy feature automatically scans for any content that violates branding, style, legal, or regulatory policies. Cbus Super can set requirements for policies that are unique to their organization. “For us in finance, the Policy feature has been extremely valuable for finding common elements and figures pertinent to our business. The numbers for return figures, total number of Cbus Super members, and employers are always changing and appear all over the website. To manually locate and make changes would be very time-consuming,” says Jamison. “A lot of these figures are updated quarterly, and when the new financial year rolls around, there are a lot of updates and changes that are made quickly thanks to Siteimprove.”

Cbus Super ensures that their digital presence is always up and running with Siteimprove’s 24/7 website monitoring and alerts. “A couple of months back there were a lot of alerts coming through, and we found out there was an issue with the DNS. We went to IT and asked them to investigate with our external hosting provider. Having the Response feature has enabled us to be on the front foot. We are aware of issues when they happen and can follow up to ensure action is taken.”

After years of working with Siteimprove, Jamison has received reliable support and witnessed plenty of platform improvements. “The Siteimprove team is always responsive and helpful. There seems to be a road map guiding them and they are always improving the product with new releases based on customer feedback.”

The Outcome

Cbus Super is providing credible websites for an improved customer experience. Superannuation members and employers can easily access the information they are looking for, with current content and links that work, all monitored through the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. “Siteimprove makes our lives easier. We’re not wasting time waiting to find out—it’s telling us. Things like SEO errors and broken links are always going to happen, and we now have an automated way to check and stay on top of content as it’s updated on the website,” says Jamison. Siteimprove has made it possible to set new and maintainable benchmarks so Cbus Super can continue to exceed the expectations of their member and employer community.

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