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City of Rancho Cordova

The Need

  • Customized experience for two websites with different target audiences
  • Minimize time users spend clicking through website
  • User-friendly analytics interface

The Process

  • Evaluate pages using Heat Maps to see how content is consumed
  • Make content more succinct for visitors
  • Assess page visits to determine if the website performed the way it was designed

The Results

  • Improved website functionality and overall team efficiency
  • 96% reduction in broken links
  • Ensured the new websites were designed entirely for the new customer
  • 96%

    reduction in broken links

The Full Story

As a city with a diverse and growing population, Rancho Cordova knew they needed to create two websites to reach both of their target audiences. In early 2016, the city launched a website geared towards residents and a second site for the business community. Prior to the redesign, it became clear that the information on the city’s existing site wasn’t easy to navigate, causing visitors to leave the site without the information they needed.

“We strive to be known for our transparency with residents,” said Ashley Downton, communications specialist at Rancho Cordova. The city needed a digital presence that accurately represented the team’s dedication to their community. “Having information online in an accessible format, 24 hours a day, ensures our residents have everything they need at their disposal,” she added.

Downton and her team were looking for a platform to assist them when designing a website that would serve as Rancho Cordova residents’ most useful tool. “Things always come up no matter the day or time, and as the work week is only five days, it’s important the website is there when our team isn’t,” Downton said.

Having a platform that offered such robust analytics capabilities allowed the Rancho Cordova web team to see how users interacted with the website, ultimately giving residents a more tailored experience.

Rancho Cordova chose to utilize the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform while they were in the redesign process. “If we had chosen to wait until the website went live, we would have had issues that we never knew existed. We would have had to go back and fix them after we went live, which is something you never want to do,” Downton said.

In the Siteimprove Analytics Suite, Rancho Cordova found the Heat Maps feature to be especially useful. “We did not know something like this existed,” Ashley said. “Heat Maps were a huge help when designing the homepage of our website. We looked at pages and saw how much content was being consumed.” Through the data obtained, Ashley made a recommendation on how to shorten content because she saw how no one was reading certain sections. “It was easier for me to make suggestions for different formats for people to digest, like an infographic or an FAQ bullet point list.”

Additionally, one of Rancho Cordova’s most-trafficked sections is the “most popular pages” section on the home page. With Siteimprove Analytics, Downton watches to see if the top 10 pages remain consistent and ensures that visitors see them right away. “Anything that our residents need immediate access to is on the homepage. Siteimprove Analytics helps us make quick and efficient decisions on content,” Downton said. The Rancho Cordova team also keeps track of trending content on a regular basis. “For example, I noticed a spike in the water usage page of our website so I moved it to the homepage.”

The Outcome

The city of Rancho Cordova is providing a better and more intuitive online experience for residents, visitors, and the business community. No matter the purpose for visiting either of the sites, visitors can quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

The amount of time they need to maintain their website drastically decreased because they can finally act more proactively and knowledgeably. Siteimprove gives the Rancho Cordova team back the time they used to spend fixing broken links and spelling errors. “The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform has allowed us to indirectly give back to our community by providing them with the information they need and when they need it,” Downton said.


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