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Siteimprove Launches New Product Features to Help Marketers Save Time and Achieve More

May 29, 2024 - By Siteimprove

Siteimprove’s latest capabilities turn large amounts of data into actionable, easy-to-understand insights that increase collaboration, facilitate confident decision making and deliver tangible outcomes

May 29, 2024 – Bellevue, WA & Copenhagen, Denmark - Siteimprove, the leading platform empowering brands to stand out with accessible, high-performing digital content experiences, today launched brand new capabilities designed to turn large amounts of data into actionable, easy to understand insights that increase cross-organizational collaboration, facilitate confident decision making and deliver tangible outcomes. Today’s launch includes four major initiatives: Top Paths, Visitor Engagement Score, No-Code Event Tracking, and Sites Progress.

According to Gartner®, "More than two-thirds of marketing leaders report high collaboration drag across major marketing programs. Too many meetings, too much feedback, too much time spent securing support and too much murkiness surrounding how decisions get made — these dysfunctional elements create drag instead of lift." Our new features are designed to decrease collaboration drag for marketers by helping them focus on what matters most – ensuring their programs drive reach, reputation, revenue and returns.

Here’s the value we’re bringing to the market today:

  • Top Paths – an intuitive way to identify high-performing content
    • Marketers are building and optimizing content but don’t know to what extent it’s helping progress prospects down the funnel. With Top Paths, marketers can now understand the impact of their content on conversion metrics to focus on what moves the needle.
  • Visitor Engagement Score – the Digital Certainty Index (DCI) score of engagement
    • 95 percent of website visits are non-converting, but that doesn’t mean they fail to deliver value. With Visitor Engagement Score, marketers can now measure visitor engagement with their content beyond conversions to better understand the full impact of their organizations content marketing efforts across the customer journey.
  • No-Code Event Tracking – event configuration without the hassle
    • Events are crucial to understanding how visitors interact with dynamic elements of the website, but tracking those interactions requires technical support. With No-Code Event Tracking, marketers can now set up events quickly. With full transparency, without technical expertise.
  • Sites Progresstell a convincing and accurate story of the progress across your entire website
    • Digital teams at companies of all sizes oversee an ever-increasing number of websites across geographies and offerings. Additionally, their digital marketing leaders are relying on their teams to give them high-level insights on how they are progressing in raising standards and where greater investment is needed. With Sites Progress, digital marketing teams can now understand and communicate the progress the teams are making, across all the sites, by consolidating data in a single, easy-to-understand view.

"Top Paths sparked a real ‘aha moment’ for me," said Nikaj Eijk, Digital Frontend Marketeer at Lloyds Banking Group. "Being focused on our application process, I thought I knew how users entered the funnel – but to discover that users prefer other paths, I can now focus on optimizing these entry pages that our customers already use, boosting our overall conversion rates."

In addition to the initiatives released today, Siteimprove will be releasing four additional features in the coming months:

  • Social Ads – a single source of truth of how key digital channels are performing
    • Maximizing the ROI from social media campaigns is crucial for marketers. However, they often lack streamlined tools and must navigate multiple systems to gather and analyze data. With Social Ads, marketers can now access Siteimprove’s integrated analytics for Facebook and LinkedIn to gain a comprehensive view of their organization's social media performance alongside their Google Ads and SEO to compare the ROI of their different channels.
  • Optimizely CMP Integration – create and manage content across multiple channels
    • Marketers struggle to keep their brand consistent across different platforms and want a single place where they can handle all their tasks easily. By integrating Siteimprove’s actionable insights with Optimizely’s CMP, marketers can now create and manage content across multiple channels without switching between systems.
  • Sitecore XM Cloud Integration – create powerful and smooth content experiences with confidence
    • Siteimprove already has a plugin with Sitecore CMS which enables pre and post publication content checks. Now, Siteimproves CMS plugin seamlessly integrates with Sitecore XM Cloud, offering greater flexibility and accessibility to help marketers easily manage content from anywhere, while focusing on delivering exceptional experiences.

"In the era of efficiency, marketers need solutions that deliver tangible outcomes across their initiatives without spreading their strapped teams thin," said Arjang Parsa. Chief Product and Technology Officer at Siteimprove. "The capabilities we released today and the capabilities we will release in the coming months are a testament to our commitment of helping marketers save time and energy, while driving performance."

To learn more about this release please visit: 2024 Q2 Product Release | New & (Site)Improved (

About Siteimprove:

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