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Fackförbundet Vision

How a Swedish trade union streamlined their website for accessibility and SEO success

“Siteimprove has helped us get a better understanding of our website in all aspects, from a technical, content and accessibility point of view.”

Julia Fagerhem

Editor and Production Manager at Fackförbundet Vision


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Fackförbundet Vision (or just Vision for short) is one of the largest trade unions in Sweden, representing over 4,000 different job titles in both the public sector and private companies. With over 207,000 active members and counting, their goal is to improve working conditions and provide support for those they represent. 

Their website,, is an essential tool to help them share information and resources, as well as capturing and converting organic traffic into new memberships. But as the organization has continued to grow, their digital channels team needed a better way to monitor, track, and optimize their site. 

Discover how Vision set their website up for success by reducing their page count by 80%, improving SEO performance with Siteimprove’s SEO Enterprise tools, and building flawless user journeys. 

The challenge: Managing a growing website 

During the last 2 years, the team at Vision has worked on the challenging task of reducing the number of pages on the website without hurting SEO. To be able to do this without losing organic search traffic the team needed a tool to help identify and prioritize relevant search terms and landing pages.  

Vision also lacked the right tool to monitor all these different pages – their only way of optimizing their site consisted of time-consuming manual checks. The team’s initial goal was to take back control over their web presence, with aspirations to optimize for SEO, accessibility, and engagement once they’d established a consistent (and more manageable) site. 

When the team was recommended Siteimprove by a colleague, it was love at first sight. They saw that the simple interface could help them identify the issues across their site in seconds–from broken links, to spelling errors, to brand inconsistencies. And above all, they could do it all from a single place. 

The solution: Getting up and running instantly with Siteimprove 
Within days, the team were using the Siteimprove platform to fix issues across their site: finding missing pages, running a comprehensive spellcheck, and optimizing their keywords. With their initial use proving instantly successful, they quickly moved onto fixing more advanced issues around their site’s accessibility–many of which were completely invisible to them before they started using Siteimprove. 

”Siteimprove has helped us get a better understanding of our website in all aspects, from a technical, content and accessibility point of view. It’s easy to use and gives us a good overview as well as the details necessary for day-to-day optimization.”


Julia Fagerhem
Editor and Production Manager at Vision


With Siteimprove in their toolkit, they no longer need to worry about broken links or errors across their entire site as they make major changes: they know that Siteimprove will catch the issues instantly and provide them with actionable steps to resolve them. They feel empowered to make the changes they want to make, safe in the knowledge that Siteimprove will be there to help their web team deliver. 

In early 2023, they upgraded to our SEO Enterprise solution, which helped them track keyword performance and visibility from the same platform. After already using the platform for a year to consolidate their web presence, moving onto more advanced keyword research features was a breeze.  

With SEO activity plans, the team at Vision could get targeted recommendations for relevant keywords, monitor metrics across their landing pages, and compare visibility against their competitors. This meant that as they were optimizing the user journey by reducing the page count, they could ensure that everything left was designed to perform better than ever across search platforms. 

Expanding access enables a solution for everyone on the team 

At first, Vision rolled out Siteimprove for three users: Editor and Production Manager Julia Fagerhem and two of her colleagues. They wanted to start off small while they built policies and became familiar with the tool. But it didn’t take long for the organization to see the value in our toolkit: after two years, Vision now has 20 active users.  

Using Siteimprove has helped them understand the ins and outs of accessibility, SEO, performance, and inclusive user experiences. And with that, the content team can now spend less time fixing issues and more time championing best practice across the entire organization. With Siteimprove’s intuitive interface and easy implementation, they can spread the word, upskill every team member, and start helping everyone create better, more accessible content experiences. 

Another good thing about Siteimprove? It already works with their existing marketing stack, right out of the box. As existing Optimizely users, the team at Vision was able to take advantage of our Optimizely integration plugin, enabling them to use their favorite Siteimprove features–including our SEO Enterprise tools–right from their CMS. 

The results: Improved SEO performance and traffic 

Reducing your web presence has the potential to negatively impact SEO, but Vision's focus on optimization and strategic reduction of web pages resulted in stronger metrics. By using Siteimprove, Vision improved their organic search growth, increased website traffic, and improved strategic operations. 

Here are just a few of the results on the Vision site: 

Organic search growth:
From 2021 to 2023, organic search traffic experienced a significant increase. 

Improved search visibility:
The success isn’t just reflected in these on-paper metrics, but in their real-world performance on search engine pages.  

Increased website traffic:
Despite reducing their overall number of pages by 80%, the total visits to rose by 6%, showcasing the benefit of a focused and quality-driven approach. 

What’s next for Vision? 

There's more on the horizon. Vision plans to continue refining and strategically optimizing their site, but they’re also looking at the bigger picture. They're in the early stages of developing a new platform while maintaining and continuing to optimize their current website. Vision is taking all their existing wins from Siteimprove forward with them to ensure that this next step is their best one yet.